Newly Updated - EPI Data Centre Competence Framework R21

Newly Updated - EPI Data Centre Competence Framework R21

EPI released the newly updated Data Center
Competence Framework (EPI-DCCF) 2021

Are you a manager responsible for hiring, assessing and developing skills of data centre employees? Would you like to know the competences required for each job in order for the employee to perform his/her duties successfully?

  • A Quick Overview
    The DCCF outlines the 40 data centre competences and applies them to 38 common job titles in the data centre organisation.
  • Benefits
    Referencing the DCCF will help managers define job scopes, write clear job descriptions, understand the competences required, select and recruit suitable candidates, assess staff proficiencies and develop effective training plans.
  • Bonus
    One of the most referred sections of the DCCF is the 38 examples of professionally written job descriptions which can be copied, edited and used.

The DCCF is the foundation to EPI’s successful data centre training programs. EPI courses are designed based on a solid understanding of the competences required for each job scope.

So, why is EPI giving away the DCCF for free?
It is our way of giving back to the industry. Making the contents of the DCCF available to data centre leaders and managers will help them develop the competences of their people and speed up growth of the industry.

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