Certified IT Manager (CITM®)

Upskill Your Core Competences & Accelerate Your Career with The CITM


Are You Ready, Relevant & Able to Seize These New Opportunities?

Certified IT Manager (CITM®)


The CITM® Gives You Everything You Need 
To Successfully Manage Emerging Technologies

Today, an organization may decide to get in on Blockchain. Tomorrow they may want to adopt some AI strategy. Or beef up security or improve their Cloud capabilities.

Or implement a “Green IT” strategy.

The CITM® will provide you with enough competences to manage any team in any of these projects (And even multiple projects), should your company adopt them. And that means you don’t have to take multiple specialist courses to advance your career or manage efficiently.

We’ve changed all that.

The CITM® gives you all the skills and knowledge you will need to manage those projects with full confidence, efficiency and speed!



Become Certified with The CITM® and you can...
  • Gain an unfair advantage over the competition 
  • Join the upper ranks of pioneering IT managers who are leading IT changes successfully in the digital economy for businesses to succeed 
  • Start capturing the most coveted career advancement opportunities 
  • Influence large digital transformation projects in your country or MNCs, or create an impact for small businesses in your local community 
  • Be one of the founders of the next Uber, Bitcoin, or AI services? 
  • Become sought-after for your skills and knowledge around the globe (negotiate your own salary?) 
  • No need to take multiple and expensive, specialist courses
Certified IT Manager (CITM®) Course

TOD - Training On Demand (E-learning)

  • FREE EXIN CITM exam 
  • Full 365/24/7 exclusive access to the CITM® training via video on-demand 
  • Email support from our in-house team of EPI, CITM® certified experts 
  • Your 456 page Ebook download with all presentation slides and student notes – yours forever so you can use it any time 
  • Access to the EPI Academy Platform 
  • The CITM Certification when you pass

Convenient, Easier Learning:

  • Course delivered step-by-step by an expert EPI CITM® Certified Instructor via video-on-demand (No interruptions)
  • Delivered in Universal English so virtually anyone can understand (If you can read this, you can understand the content)
  • You can learn in your own time and in the comfort of your own choice surroundings (Our busy IT professionals love this)
  • Can take the course on any device IOS, android, Mac, laptop, Chromebook or your computer 24/7/365 access – (you’ll have all the info at your finger tips)
  • You can stop, pause or rewind and watch again so you learn faster (Unlike in a packed classroom)


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