COBIT 2019 Foundation (COBIT 2019)

Duration 3 Days
COBIT5 provides globally accepted principles, practices, analytical tools and models designed to help business and IT leaders maximize trust in, and value from, their enterprise’s information and technology assets. COBIT5 provides guidance to executives and those charged with making decisions concerning the use of technology in support of organizational objectives. This framework helps business leaders address the needs of all stakeholders across the enterprise and ultimately maximize the value from information and technology.
COBIT5 integrates existing ISACA risk and value management frameworks into an established governance framework provided for in earlier versions of COBIT.
This instructor-led training enables technology and business professionals to apply COBIT5 to specific business situations while understanding pain points, trigger events and risk scenarios within the organization. The continual improvement approach is espoused to address requirements and issues in a maintainable and sustainable approach to managing enterprise IT.
On completion of this course, the following learning outcomes will be achieved:
  • Analyzing enterprise drivers
  • Understanding implementation challenges, causes and critical success factors
  • Understand and assess current process capability
  • Scoping and planning improvements
  • History of COBIT 5
  • Understanding Drivers and Environmental Factors
  • 7 Phases of the COBIT 5 Implementation Approach
  • Phase 1
        o What are the drivers?
        o Phase 1 Challenges
        o Initiate the Programme
  • Phase 2 & 3
       o Where are we now?
       o Where do we want to be?
       o Define the Problems and Opportunities
  • Phase 4 & 5
       o What needs to be done?
       o How do we get there?
       o Plan and Execute the Programme
  • Phase 6 & 7
       o Did we get there?
       o How do we keep the momentum?
       o Realize Benefits
       o Review the Effectiveness of the Improvements
       o Guided Examination Preparation
The COBIT Foundation certifications is a pre-requisite for attending the course and sitting the COBIT Implementation certification examination.
The target audience for this course and qualification are:
  • Senior IT Management
  • Senior Business Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Quality Professionals
  • IT Process Managers/Owners
  • Governance-related roles
  • Business Professionals who want to gain knowledge of the approach to implement COBIT5 in their organizations 
Participants who successfully complete the course and pass the examination will be recognized as certified with COBIT Implementation under the ISACA certification scheme managed by People cert.
Delegates who do not attain a passing score for the examination would be awarded a course attendance certificate only.
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • 4 Questions each worth 20 marks
           o Syllabus area being tested will be clearly stated for each question/sub-question
  • 40 marks required to pass (out of 80 available) – 50%
  • 150-minutes duration
  • Open-book
           o ”COBIT Implementation Guide” is to be used

  Course Duration

         3 Days

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  Available Schedule

12 - 14 Feb 2020
10 - 12 Jun 2020
19 - 21 Oct 2020