Professional Skills

IT Disaster Recovery Planning Development (ITDRP)

Duration 3 Days
  • Understand IT DRP development processes 
  • Be able to develop an IT DRP Plan for an organization 
  • Not include for DRP Test Plan Development 
Introduction to BC and DR 
  • What constitutes business discontinuity? 
  • What are an incident, problem and disaster? 
  • BCP and DRP-differentiated and defined 
IT Risks Management 
  • Important of IT Risks management 
  • Understanding IT Risks, Threats, Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures 
  • IT Risk management process 
  • IT Risk management and risk appetite of organizations 
  • Risks and IT Governance 
Prioritizing systems and functions for recovery 
  • Business Impact Analysis [BIA] 
  • Business Process identification for BIA 
  • Assessing and quantifying impact of disruptions to business processes 
  • Damage Assessment and salvage process 
  • Impact of disaster-technology and business 
  • Strategy driven plan development 
  • BIA Reporting and getting Executive Management approval 
Developing the IT DR Plan and integrating organizational relationships 
  • Structure and Content of the IT DR development 
  • Determining the teams to be formed 
  • Composition of teams, Roles, rights and obligations of command center personnel 
  • Tasks to be assigned to each team and the CSF for major task groups 
  • Creating a command center 
  • Moving to disaster recovery location-process, logistics, internal controls 
  • Communication-internal & external during a disaster 
Disaster Recovery Workshop 
  • Practice Assessment: IT Disaster Recovery development 
  • Case Discussion and hands-on exercise - A special feature of this workshop is that participants split into groups and do the following exercises to acquire hands-on skills in the key areas: 
  • Identifying key business processes and doing a Business Impact Analysis 
  • Splitting into groups and playing the role of different groups that would be called into action during a disaster

  Course Duration

         3 Days

 Price List

          35,000 Baht (Exclusive of VAT 7%)
          Special Offer : Contact us

  Available Schedule

08 - 10 Nov 2021
02 - 04 Mar 2022
25 - 27 Jul 2022
02 - 04 Nov 2022