Programming & Software Development

Developing JavaFX (DJF)

Duration 3 Days  
JavaFX is the standard tool for GUI development (replacing Swing in Java SE), and the next step in the evolution of Java. This JavaFX training course shows how to build contemporary user interfaces using Java 7 and Java 8 and explains how JavaFX connects to other Java APIs, how to use FXML to separate the UI design from the application logic, and how to draw lines and shapes with the 2D class objects. To make your GUIs more interactive, you must understand about; how to apply effects and add images, charts, and animation to your JavaFX projects. Finally, learn how to integrate CSS to customize your JavaFX interface designs. Challenges issued along the way allow you to test your new JavaFX skills as you build them. Students will gain hands-on experience coding JavaFX GUI apps and learning development and testing best practices. 
  • Get going with JavaFX
  • JavaFX Graphics
  • Event Handling and Application Logic
  • UI Components
  • JavaFX Multi-threading
  • JavaFX TDD
Intro to JavaFX
  • What Is JavaFX
  • Benefits of JavaFX over Swing / AWT
  • Interoperability considerations (don't throw out the baby with the bathwater!)
  • 3D Graphics with JavaFX
  • Image Ops API
  • Canvas and JavaFX
JavaFX User Interface Components
  • UI Controls
  • Content and Layouts
  • Applying CSS
  • Intro to FXML
  • Event Handling
JavaFX Transitions and Animation
  • 2D and 3D Transformations
  • Visual Effects
  • Embedding Media
Application Logic
  • Work with the Scene Graph
  • Use Properties and Binding
  • Work with Collections
  • Concurrency and Threads
TDD and JavaFX
  • Test-Driven Development and Testing your applications
Delegates should have at least 6 months' experience coding in Java.
Java developers who wish to develop and deploy Java GUI applications with commercial-quality and highly functional user interfaces.

  Course Duration

         3 Days

 Price List

          25,000 Baht
          Special Offer : Contact us

  Available Schedule

25 - 27 May 2022
21 - 23 Sep 2022
10 - 12 Oct 2022