Programming & Software Development

Developing with Oracle ADF Framework (DOA)

Duration 5 Days
Oracle ADF is an end-to-end Java EE framework that simplifies application development by providing out-of-the-box infrastructure services and a visual and declarative development experience. ADF provides unified access to back-end technologies like databases, web services, XML, CSV, BPEL, and many more. Furthermore, ADF provides data binding to connect UI with back-end data controls. 
This course is aimed at developers who want to build Java EE applications using Oracle ADF. Learn to use Oracle JDeveloper to build, test and deploy an end-to-end web application.
  • Lesson 1: Introduction to ADF and JDeveloper
  • Lesson 2: Building a Data Model with ADF Business Components
  • Lesson 3: Querying and Persisting Data
  • Lesson 4:  Declaratively Customizing Data Services
  • Lesson 5: Input Validation and Troubleshooting
  • Lesson 6: ADF UI Technology
  • Lesson 7: Binding UI Components
  • Lesson 8: Navigation and Page Functionality
  • Lesson 9: Application Event and Transactional Capabilities
  • Lesson 10: Secure ADF Application
  • Java Enterprise Developer
  • Application Developer

  Course Duration

         5 Days

 Price List

          35,000 Baht
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  Available Schedule

21 - 25 Mar 2022
13 - 17 Jun 2022
03 - 07 Oct 2022