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Oceans99™ – Information Security

Duration:   1 Day

Language:  English Class by Professional Trainer

Basic expertise:  Basic understanding of Process management

  • Increase understanding of Cyber Security and Resilience
  • Understand the importance of Human Behavior in securing your assets
  • Experience Security processes in action
  • Learn how to apply key Cyber Security processes  

The increasing importance of information to business operation and continuity means that information is becoming a critical asset that must be protected. International terrorism and increasing cyber theft and fraud has placed the need for information security high on the agendas of Both governmental and private sector organizations. Information security has been a capability that has been for too long ignored or not given the attention it deserves. Failing to do so is an unacceptable business risk for many organizations but this risk is not seen or felt by all.

Is your organization implementing Information Security processes and measures? Is the new technology implemented but your are experiencing difficulties getting the new behavior into the teams. Are you struggling to get Information security on the agenda and taken seriously?


The owner of a Tokyo Bank has decided to organize an exhibition of 3 very famous and attractive objects in the Tokyo Museum. A criminal team called Oceans99 has plans to steal the objects. The team consisting of museum owners, a transport manager, a security advisor and a project manager is responsible for realizing this project. The team has to develop an information security policy, security plans, performa a risks analysis to identify threats, implement measures and execute the project. The team will transport the objects from the museums to the Tokyo Museum, but Oceans99 is not to be underestimated. After each round the team will receive feedback as to how well they protected the objects and will have time to improve. Will the Sponsor (the Tokyo bank) realize a Return on Investment or will the exhibition become a drama.


Each of the simulations will be customized towards your own objectives. But in general these are the main objectives:

  • Learn the key processes of Information Security Management
  • Learn how to organize your organization with all security roles
  • Learn how to deal with all kind of security issues
  • Learn how to deal with different interests in organizations, operations vs security


  • Most organizations think IT solutions are the measures to minimize or avoid risks risks, but they forget that the behavior of employees are even more important.
  • Most employees do not adhere to the counter-measures implemented within the organization, they don’t see the need, they don’t understand. As a result the company is facing risks.
  • Most organizations not involving their customers and other employees in the early stages of the security programs. As a result there is a lack of understanding and the program is seen as an IT program, not as a corporate program.

“This Oceans99 simulation is a good instrument to create overall security awareness. It involves employees, it shows the key processes and it creates overall understanding about the key principles of Information Security”

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