IT Management

Service Desk Manager (SDM)

Duration: 4 days
Being an effective Service Desk Manager requires a broad range of talents, from people-oriented abilities and an awareness of logistics to financial acumen and presentation skills. This course provides a thorough understanding of, and qualification in, Service Desk management. The course also looks at the management of support methodologies and technologies and the tools utilised within the Service Desk.
It reviews issues such as Service Level Agreements, the benefits and pitfalls and the importance of metrics; the implementation of service management processes and effective problem solving techniques that a Service Desk Manager can utilise. The course is based upon the standards and objectives for SDI's Service Desk Manager qualification and ensures that students are provided with the knowledge, information and tools to take the SDM exam.
  • Gain a thorough grounding in the skills required to build, lead, motivate and manage a Service Desk team
  • They will get a guide to the practical Service Desk management tools, tips, standards and support
  • They will gain an overview of industry recognised IT Service Management best practices, including ITIL processes
  • They can achieve an internationally recognised Service Desk Management qualification
  • Module 1: Building the Right Conceptual Model
  • Module 2: Business Integration
  • Module 3: Service Culture
  • Module 4: Implementation Planning
  • Module 5: Operational Processes
  • Module 6: People and Motivation
  • Module 7: People Skills and Knowledge
  • Module 8: Quality Assurance
  • Module 9: Tools and Technologies
  • Module 10: Business Mastery
  • Module 11: Organizational Leadership
  • Module 12: Professional Development
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Questions: 60 (Multiple Choices)
  • To Pass: 39 marks or More (65%) required
  • Upon the successful attainment of the passing marks, candidates will be awarded the SDI Service Desk Manager certificate.
It is strongly recommended that candidates have more than 3 years experience within the Service Desk environment before attending this event.
The course is designed for both new and experienced Service Desk Managers, team leaders and supervisors. Between 3 and 5 years’ experience of the Service Desk environment is ideal.

  Course Duration

         4 Days

 Price List

          61,500 Baht
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  Available Schedule

08 - 11 Mar 2021
21 - 24 Jun 2021
01 - 04 Nov 2021