IT Management

Certified IT Operator (CITO)

Duration: 2 Days

Language: Conducted in English by EPI Certified Instructors


  • CITO Manual
  • CITO Exam Tutorial
  • CITO Exam (Take exam on the last training day)
  • Attendant Certificate
  • Lunch & Coffee Breaks


Certified Information Technology Operator

CITO® is a 2-day course designed to teach the competencies required of the modern IT professional working at the operations level in IT. Also known as the IT engineer’s course, CITO® candidates will become instantly productive having gained knowledge and understanding of the demands in today’s IT infrastructures. Their improved capabilities will deliver immediate results, increasing efficiency and significantly reducing the margin of error.

CITO® is aligned with the latest European e-Competence (e-CF) Framework - addressing proficiency levels 1 and 2 (Associate & Professional). In 2016, the e-CF became a European standard and was published officially as the European Norm EN 16234-1.


Learning outcome

After completion of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the role and importance of Information Technology in the organisation
  • Describe the function of the IT organisation, roles and responsibilities
  • Provide technical input for vendors RFP (Request for Proposal)
  • Cooperate and coordinate with vendors for delivery, maintenance, support and monitoring activities
  • Execute basic projects using principles of project management
  • Deploy applications and understand application life cycle management
  • Identify the options for virtualisation and storage solutions
  • Create, publish and maintain documentation
  • Operate incident and event management and request fulfilment
  • Identify risk and understand the principles of risk management
  • Design, implement and operate security logging
  • Understand the principles of information security
  • Monitor and report on quality in IT

Who should attend
System administrators/engineers, service desk operators/agents, network administrators/engineers, software developers/engineers, account managers.

This course is most suited for aspiring and existing IT professionals from entry level up to two years of actual working experience in IT, with basic knowledge of (operating) systems, network and/or applications, and service desk operations. It is also suited for people who are changing careers and entering the IT professional world.

Course Content

  • IT strategy
  • IT Organization
  • Vendors
  • Project Management
  • Applications
  • System Administration
  • Documentation
  • Service Management
  • Risk
  • Information Security
  • Technology Trends
  • Quality


Certification exams are administered at the end of the last training day by an authorised training partner. The exam is a 60-minute closed book exam, with 40 multiple-choice questions. The candidate requires a minimum of 26 correct answers to pass the exam.

Global accreditation and recognition

The CITO® course material and exam are globally accredited by EXIN. EXIN is a world leading provider of independent certification and accreditation in the IT and data centre sectors. EXIN is ISO-certified (ISO 9001:2008). Operating according to ISO 17024, ISO 27001 and EN 45011, EXIN continuously monitor the quality of exams and accreditations. More than 2 million professionals have been certified by EXIN worldwide.

  Course Duration

         2 Days

 Price List

          45,000 Baht
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