IT Management

Requirement Gathering & Management Workshop (PM Scope)

Duration 2 Days
Provide knowledge, skills, and techniques for project managers, requirement analysts and project teams to be able to gather the requirements (Needs, Expectation, and Concerns) from key stakeholder in structural methodologies and produce the output in form of Requirement Traceability Matrix
  • Gathering  & Verifying Requirements Techniques
  • Documenting, analyzing, tracing, prioritizing and agreeing on requirements – Requirement Traceability Matrix
  • Controlling requirements changes – Manage Needs, Expectations, and Concerns
  • Lecture on Requirement Gathering techniques & Requirement Management Concepts
  • Group (or individual) Case Studies & Workshops on related topics
Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Requirement Analyst, Individual who manage single and/or multiple projects within organization. Members of the Project Management Office, project and resource managers and team leaders will benefit from the program.

  Course Duration

         2 Days

 Price List

          32,000 Baht (Exclusive of VAT 7%)
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  Available Schedule

08 - 09 Nov 2021