Computer Networking

FotiAnalyzer Administration (211)

Duration 1 Day
The FortiAnalyzer Administration course provides one day of instructor-led training (in a public or private on-site class setting) where participants will gain an understanding of the tasks involved in the administration of a FortiAnalyzer appliance.
Hands-on labs allow students to perform some of the basic tasks associated with the configuration and troubleshooting of the FortiAnalyzer device, as well as the creation of reports based on logging information collected on the device.
In-depth coverage of the ten domains required to pass the CISSP exam:
  • Describe the features of the FortiAnalyzer device.
  • Register known and unknown devices with the FortiAnalyzer device.
  • Secure the communication between the FortiAnalyzer and FortiGate devices in the infrastructure.
  • View real-time and historical logging information from devices in the infrastructure.
  • Create alerts to advise administrators of events occurring on registered devices.
  • Design report layouts, data filter templates, data output templates and report schedules.
  • Configure the FortiAnalyzer device logging settings.
  • Understand and configure different log backup mechanisms.
  • Define administrative privileges.
  • Perform a vulnerability assessment on host computers in the infrastructure.
  • Configure the FortiAnalyzer appliance to analyze network traffic.
  • Configure network sharing to allow report sharing between different users.
  • Perform diagnostic commands to diagnose and debug system problems.
Completion of the 301 - Secure Network Deployment and Virtual Private Networks course. Solid knowledge of the Web Config administrative interface and the Command Line Interface. Experience with Fortinet network appliance
This course is intended for administrators responsible for managing FortiAnalyzer devices and is geared to professionals with a solid knowledge of the concepts involved in the operation of a FortiGate device.

  Course Duration

         1 Day

 Price List

          25,000 Baht
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09 Dec 2021
18 Mar 2022
02 Jun 2022
23 Sep 2022
16 Dec 2022