Computer Networking

Big Data Foundation (BDF)

Duration 2 Days
The Big Data foundation course provides you with an understanding of Big Data, potential data sources that can be used for solving real business problems, and an overview of data mining and the tools used in it.  
This is a fundamental course with practical exercises designed to provide you with hands-on experience in using two of the most popular technologies in Big Data processing – Hadoop and MongoDB. You will get the opportunity to practice installing these two technologies through lab exercises. The exercises expose you to real-life Big Data technologies with the purpose of obtaining results from real datasets from Twitter. 
After completing the course, you will be equipped not only with fundamental Big Data knowledge, but will also be introduced to a working development environment containing Hadoop and MongoDB, installed by yourself. This practical knowledge can be used as a starting point in the organizational Big Data journey.
This course is best suited to Information Technology professionals who possess intermediate to advanced programming, system administration, or relational database skills and are looking to move into the area of Big Data. These include:
  • Software Engineers
  • Application Developers
  • IT architects
  • System administrators
The course can also be of benefit to other professionals, such as business analytics and research analytics, who possess strong Information Technology skills and have a deep interest in Big Data analytics and the benefits it can bring to an organization.
At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Explain Big Data, its origin, and its characteristics.
  • Discuss about the tools applicable to Big Data processing.
  • Explain data mining.
  • Discuss the popular Big Data technologies – Hadoop and MongoDB.
  • Discuss the Big Data projects and the main players involved.
  • Identify and obtain relevant datasets when looking at a business problem.
  • Install and manage Big Data processing environments based on Hadoop or MongoDB at a departmental level.
Module 1: Course Introduction
  • Let’s Get to Know Each Other 
  • Course Learning Objectives 
  • Course Agenda 
  • Activities 
  • Exam 
  • Course Book 
  • CCC – Accreditor of the Course 
  • Certification Value
Module 2: Big Data Fundamentals       
  • Overview 
  • Big Data – History, Overview and Characteristics 
  • Big Data Technologies – Overview 
  • Big Data Success Stories 
  • Big Data – Privacy and Ethics 
  • Big Data Projects
Module 3: Big Data Sources     
  • Enterprise Data Sources 30
  • Social Media Data Sources 34
  • Public Data Source
Module 4: Data Mining – Concepts and Tools 
  • Data Mining – Introduction 
  • Data Mining – Tools
Module 5: Big Data Technologies – Hadoop
  • Hadoop Fundamentals 
  • Install and Configure 
  • MapReduce 
  • Data Processing with Hadoop
Module 6: Big Data Technologies – MongoDB 
  • MongoDB Fundamentals 
  • Install and Configure 
  • Document Databases 
  • Data Modeling with Document Databases
Exam Preparation Guide     
  • Qualification Learning Objectives
  • Learning Level of the Syllabus 
  • Certification 
  • Exam Instructions 
  • Tips for Exam Taking
  • Exam Format: closed-book format. 
  • Exam Delivery: Online and paper-based  
  • Questions: 40 questions
  • Passing Score: 65% 
  • Exam Duration: 60 minutes. 15 minutes extra time for non-native English speakers

  Course Duration

         2 Days

 Price List

          35,000 Baht
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  Available Schedule

29 - 30 May 2021
28 - 29 Aug 2021
27 - 28 Nov 2021