IT Management

CompTIA Project+

Duration 3 Days
This course is designed to provide you with the skills needed to be a successful project manager in today's rapidly changing world. Additionally, this course can be a significant part of your preparation for the CompTIA® Project+® certification exam.
n this course, you will apply recognized practices of project management and understand a project’s life cycle, roles, and skills necessary to effectively initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control and close a project.
You will:
  • Identify the fundamentals of project management.
  • Initiate a project.
  • Create project plans, stakeholder strategies, and scope statement.
  • Develop a Work Breakdown Structure and activity lists.
  • Develop project schedule and identify the critical path.
  • Plan project costs.
  • Create project staffing and quality management plans.
  • Create an effective communication plan.
  • Create a risk management plan, perform risk analysis, and develop a risk response plan.
  • Plan project procurements.
  • Develop change management and transition plans.
  • Assemble and launch the project team to execute the plan.
  • Execute the project procurement plan.
  • Monitor and control project performance.
  • Monitor and control project constraints.
  • Monitor and control project risks.
  • Monitor and control procurements.
  • Perform project closure activities.
This course is designed for individuals in various job roles who have a basic knowledge of project management, and who participate in small to medium scale projects.
This course is also designed for students who are seeking the CompTIA® Project+® certification and who want to prepare for the CompTIA® Project+® PK0-004 Certification Exam. A typical student taking the CompTIA® Project+® PK0-004 Certification Exam should have a minimum of 12 months of project management experience. Experience with specific project management software is helpful, but not mandatory.
Basic PC skills and experience with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project.
  • Defining project management fundamentals
  • Initiating the project
  • Planning the project
  • Preparing to develop the project schedule
  • Developing the project schedule
  • Planning project costs
  • Planning human resources and quality management
  • Communicating during the project
  • Planning for risk
  • Planning project procurements
  • Planning for change and transitions
  • Executing the project
  • Executing the procurement plan
  • Monitoring and controlling project performance
  • Monitoring and controlling project constraints
  • Monitoring and controlling project risks
  • Monitoring and controlling procurements
  • Closing the project

  Course Duration

         3 Days

 Price List

          45,000 Baht (Exclusive of VAT 7%)
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07 - 09 Dec 2021
09 - 11 Feb 2022
20 - 22 Apr 2022
04 - 06 May 2022
30 Jun - 01 Jul 2022
09 - 11 Aug 2022
19 - 21 Oct 2022
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