Computer Networking

Fundamental Information Security (FIS)

Duration: 2 days 

Course Content 

Information security is a very important topic nowadays due to many kinds of threats from the internet. This course introduces basic information security including the threats, attacks and TCP/IP weaknesses. Students will gain experience several types of attacks and how to defend themselves from those threats. This course is recommended for any users who would like to protect themselves from cyber threats. 


Students should have a good background in computer and networking system specifically TCP/IP model. Attending Fundamental Networking course is highly recommended.


Course Outline 

Information Security 

  • Security Terminology
  • Nature of threat
  • Computer’s security threats 

Common attack 

  • Think like a hacker
  • Reconnaissance attack 
  • Sniffering
  • Protocol attack
  • Application attack
  • Password attack
  • Social engineering

Mitigation Technique

  • Personal firewall design and filtering 
  • Devices’ security design 
  • Network Security Feature

Wireless LAN security

  • Nature of wireless LAN security
  • Categories of threat 
  • How to protect yourself 


  Course Duration

         2 Days

 Price List

          14,000 Baht
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  Available Schedule

24 - 25 Feb 2021
06 - 07 May 2021
09 - 10 Aug 2021
14 - 15 Oct 2021
27 - 28 Dec 2021